Saturday, September 24, 2005

The One Gigabyte Camera

By now you may have recognized this blog is about Big Things.

Enter the idea of an affordable One Gigabyte Pixel Camera with 100x optical zoom.

Why on earth would you want a camera that would give you that high a photo resolution? What could an average individual do with that kind of power in their hands?

I currently have an Canon eight megapixel camera with a one gigabyte removable hard drive that can hold hundreds of pictures. This 8 megapixel Canon is actually a second generation camera for me in as much the first one was a 1.3 megapixel camera that provided some basic digital pictures. The new 8 and 10 megapixel digital cameras have certainly pushed out the 35 millimeter photography industry. One needs to only look at the revenues of Kodak to see that film, and film processing, is becoming less and less of a money earning proposition. Kodak has in recent years ventured into digital cameras on a large scale.

The reasons for extended digital photography are many fold. For example: Taking detailed pictures of areas involved with mapping of the landscape could provide excellent detailed renderings of geographic changes taking place. Or, for the average person to be able to take close-up views from great distances away would open a whole new world to the amateur photographer. Imagine being able to take a single picture of a landscape scene, with a farm house, tractors, and animals all in different area locations of the picture. Then with a computer, the image could be cropped for each individual segment from the same picture and see the kinds of details that could only be viewed with telephoto lenses and many pictures later with the old way.

For examples of what can be accomplished with a one gigalpxl camera, visit the Gigapxl Project Gallery for detail photos. Click on the pictures and scan down the various cropped detail views. Imagine the possibilities.

Honestly, I do not know when an affordable camera of this magnitude will become available to the general population. But, I will say, "never say never." Remember, technology changes, especially in the world of nanotechnology are occurring at break neck speeds. It just might be around the corner that a new way of doing something will leapfrog the old and create something entirely different that no one would have dreamed about yesterday.

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Saturday, June 18, 2005

Random Internet Thoughts

by: James A. Warholic

As individuals in this world sometimes we take ourselves much to seriously.

An individual can make a change in this world for the better.

Don't get rapped up in all the details.

Ideas seldom flow in logical form.

Creativity can not be stopped.

Challenges bring upon new unexpected results.

Ideas are the building blocks.

Starting a project can be harder than doing it.

Projects are never finished.

The mind is an amazing place indeed.

Talking about something is easy.

Writing about something is a little harder.

Thinking about what you are writing is tougher.

Reading what you wrote sometimes makes no sense at all.

Revision is always going on.

After reading what I wrote I realize that the random thoughts are not so random.

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Sunday, April 03, 2005

Internet Marketing Rocket Ship

Here is what the Googolbyte blog is.

  1. The Googolbyte is an Internet marketing information rocket ship.

  2. Built on a special online advertising foundations launching pad.

  3. Built with special alloys to withstand the vigors of deep web browsing.

  4. Information technology hyperlinked engine.

  5. Able to travel the information super highway at incredible hypertext speeds.

  6. Capable of reaching beyond the World Wide Web.

  7. Sturdy landing pages for difficult landings.

  8. Engine powered by strong search technology.

  9. Unique branding for wild navigation.

  10. Manned by an Internet marketing and advertising technology pilot.

  11. Engineering design with extensive ethical web site upgrades.

  12. 24x7 business solution Autopilot.

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Saturday, April 02, 2005

What is a Googolbyte?

by: James A. Warholic

Answer: A Very Large Number

The Googolbyte: What a Techno World

In fact it is so large a number that it required its very own ISP blog right here at the

Jim Warholic

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